Friday, November 14, 2008

good news from the library

You know those weeks when the good news just randomly comes and ends up neutralizing the stress? I think this week is one of those. Besides the wonderful weather we've been having (a lovely mix of sunny and rainy days) and the fact that I am going home in 10 days, I just got a fabulous piece of news. I got an email from BYU financial services, and I figured it was because they wanted me to pay my study abroad application fee (which they do), but when I logged on, I had a message that they had more money to give away, and are giving me a half-tuition scholarship for next semester! Based on an application I submitted in March, I just made over $1000. Now that's a good deal! Also, it just kind of made my day!

And now, its back to chemistry problems, stock market analysis, and cleaning the apartment...