Sunday, January 23, 2011


Some people are better than others at bowling
(in my defense, I rocked the first game and the first few frames of this game were bowling left-handed, eyes closed, hopping on one foot. and you get bonus points for sending a ball down the wrong lane, right?)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

words of wisdom

the boyfriend and I were cruising the store the other day when we came across this gem:

Written by this 8 year old kid:
Naturally, we tried it out in the middle of the store.
It's filled with gems like:
Control your hyperness (cut down on the sugar if you have to)
If you want a wild girl, act like her.
Don't act desperate.
The results were fabulous. People in the store thought we were crazy.
Then we made the best $3 purchase ever and got it for our recently returned missionary friend. fabulous find.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

beginning of the end

this week was my last first week of school ever.
I'm already getting nostalgic to leave BYU. sunday night games nights, the cold walk to campus on the first day of class, meeting up for devotional, all made me sad this week.
It's been a great 4 years.
But this semester will be great, too. Even though I'm done with my major and taking huge intro classes to finish my generals and minor, I'm excited for things.
I started an internship in the Marriott School's external relations office this week which will be awesome.
I'm still working at the Bradley Agency. One of my projects this semester is to be the account executive for Project Hope, a health initiative taking place in Dallas the weeks before the Superbowl. Yep, that means I get to be working media relations prior to the Superbowl. awesome.
oh, and I'm taking a flexibility class that sounds very promising.

So even though this semester will and bittersweet, I'm excited for what the future will bring.