Sunday, January 31, 2010

practically famous

we braved the cold and the snow and went to the Eastern Market yesterday. We waited in line for an hour for some of the best pancakes I've ever had. I loved the market and can't wait to go back when it gets warmer. The market loves us too, because a lady took our picture for the official Eastern Market facebook page and posted it right away. We're a pretty big deal.
facebook caption: The highest fashion can be found on the coldest of days at the Eastern Market!
please note that we (well not me, I bought my hat) picked the ugliest hats possible for the picturefacebook caption: Top this! Everyone gets a new hat at the market!

my city in the snow

It snowed all day yesterday, so church was cancelled today. It turned into a beautiful, sunny Sunday and an all-around wonderful day.
There's something special about the snow, something that makes this city even more magical. and cold.

today was sleeping in, taking a walk in the snow, pancake lunch with the entire Barlow, piano time, devotional with the cute missionary couple, afternoon walk/ photoshoot, and lots of visiting/home teaching tonight. love the last day of the month.
love my life.
love dc.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

lost: one camera cord
needed because: it connects my dear camera to my dear computer
and it holds my capitol jumping pictures
that just really want to get blogged.

have you seen it?
i fear my blog may become quite boring without it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

some thoughts

I met the dearest congresswoman today. she invited us to a vote and a private tour of the capitol. of course i'm going.
I spilled food on every article clothing I was wearing at dinner group today.
state of the union
it rained yesterday. 60 degrees. cold today. colder tomorrow.
last email received = "dear michelle, thanks for submitting your efy counselor application" wish me luck.
the congresswoman said she has never had a life plan. i was shocked, then somewhat comforted about my ever-changing life plan
can i change my minor from across the country?
today is tuesday.
the GW gym is super intimidating. I've got to work up the strength to go tonight.
I need a blog makeover. suggestions?
chocolate pudding cake is delicious. I'm glad I converted the entire Barlow Center to my dessert ways.
I need to work on my portfolio. Note to self-- have portfolio in the mail by feb. 5
Feb. 5 is also the day we leave for Philadelphia
and the day before my birthday
when I won't be the young one anymore.

that's all. back to work

Saturday, January 23, 2010

start spreading the news...

When I was in junior high, I dreamed of going to New York. I had a notebook filled solely with plans for my someday New York vacation. Well, that came true when a few of us bailed half-way through the bus ride on our planned Boston trip and spent a weekend in magical NYC.


Rockefeller Center
The Manhattan LDS Temple. Right in the middle of the city, it's amazing to think of the peace that comes next door to a Chinese restaurant.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This place blew my mind. First, I relived "The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankwiler". Second, that stuff is just so old and in such good condition. How does that happen? This temple was built from actual remains of 4000 year old Egyptian stones. crazy.
Times Square. In the rain. total sensory overload.
The MoMA. modern art. Matisse's "Red Studio", Salvador Dali, "Starry Night", and so much more. Including this goat. we thought it was weird until we learned it was by Picasso, which made it so much cooler. Dylan's Candy Bar. celebrities come here to fill up a jar of their favorite candy for the wall. it smelled so good. trivia--their entire playlist has some kind of reference to candy.
Phantom on BROADWAY. the music, the acting, the sets were all amazing. From that first chord as the chandelier rose from the stage to the ceiling, I was hooked. so so good.

5th Avenue shops
Canal Street. THE place for fake purses. (excuse want handbag?)
amazing food. everywhere.

but there's still so much to see.
Thanks for a great weekend, New York. I'll see you again in February!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

just mingling

We've had some great interviews this week at Accuracy in Media (a few of them arranged by yours truly).

I have been awed by everyone we have interviewed, their commitment to their constituents, and their accessibility. Whoever says politicians are in it for themselves seriously need to meet these people.
Rep. Todd Tiahart (R-Kansas)Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Illinois) also, the youngest member of Congress

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

once I spent the weekend in New York.
and it was amazing.
seeing shows on broadway, cruising shops on 5th avenue, and eating amazing food.
then I went back to work
and watched this...

I'll blog NYC soon. right now I have lots to catch up on.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MLIA: my life is awesome

seriously, I have the best life. a sampling....

We took an intern trek around Capitol Hill yesterday on the way to an interview. I loved the architecture and found about 37 houses I would move into tomorrow. Once cute house with an orange door had boxes and boxes of free books outside for the taking, with paper sacks hanging on the fence to carry them. so quaint.
My internship sent me to deliver books to congresspeople on the Hill today, but I finished early and went next door to the National Botanical Gardens. It is the most magical place, and my new favorite place in DC. Here's a view of the Capitol from the jungle room.

A trip for cupcakes turned into an exploration of the Georgetown campus, when we learned that its really hard to fake going to that school.
Here's the charms classroom we happened upon... bonus points if you can name the spell I'm doing.

Oh...but the best thing happened as I left the National Gardens and walked down the Mall at sunset. There were cops everywhere, so naturally I stopped and checked it out. A police officer on a bike told me it was a motorcade and someone "that I would want to see". Hello, Barack! Sure enough, the motorcade drove past and I saw the silhouette of the president himself.

Best day ever.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this is my city

and I love it.

(picture from the tower of the National Cathedral)

Monday, January 11, 2010

national cathedral

Sometimes I feel as though I live in Europe and not DC.
This could be why-- a visit to the amazingly beautiful National Cathedral on the way home from church yesterday.

Ravenclaw + Mrs. Landingham's funeral (The West Wing, obv) + Princess Bride= the National Cathedral.

but seriously, so beautiful.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

nicolas cage lied

I've gone to the National Archives twice this week. Yes, that's right. Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights. Twice.

Well, whenever I'm in or around the National Archives, I have the urge to re-enact National Treasure. Including taking a picture in the gift shop where Ben Gates makes his big credit card mistake.Yesterday, however, my dreams came crashing down. The guards around the Constitution told us, and google confirmed, that National Treasure wasn't filmed in the National Archives. it was a fake declaration in a mock-Archive studio. my life is in ruins.

However, the real Declaration and Constitution are pdc (pretty darn cool). All the guard would tell us about security is that the Constitution is surrounded by 24 karat gold and titanium. in other words, the best of the best. and it is always watched by guards. to quote one: "even when we're not here, big brother is always watching".
that's the last time I try to re-enact my favorite scene.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

here's a game

guess the temperature:
a. cold
b. very cold
c. freezing cold
d. so very freezing cold that your eyes water, your lips go numb and gusts of wind nearly knock you over

I'm going to have to go with D.

(picture from our adventure to the Mall on Sunday. If you squint you can see the Capitol)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

in which i am an intern

This is me on my first day of my internship. if i look nervous but excited, it's because that's how people normally feel on the first day of things.
But it's official-- I am an Washington, DC intern
I wear dress slacks and high heels (painful)
I carry a briefcase
I ride the metro with all the other professionals
I go to briefings by the capitol where I eat free chick-fil-a (classy) while discussing national security and healthcare
I think of questions to ask the heavy hitters, research on blogs and plan my big projects.

first days are always interesting, but this was a good way to start. I am excited for the next few months!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

watergate lives

alternative titles: what up, barack or adventures in georgetown.

yesterday was my first official day in washington, d.c. I got in friday night, reveled in the sights on the cab ride, then unpacked and weird reverse jet lag set in so i fell asleep. riveting.

saturday included a trip to watergate. yes, that watergate. It wasn't filled with scandal, but was actually incredibly ghetto. and I wasn't drumming up political secrets, but rather shopping in the basement. a guy at CVS did almost catch on fire, as smoke started billowing from his coat, but that was as exciting as it got. take that, history book.
Next was a walk to this place...which is straight down Pennsylvania Avenue from the barlow center. no barack, no swing set, lots of secret service and foreigners.
I was craving an art museum, so I went to the National Gallery of Art, which I appreciate much more now than I did when my mom dragged me there when I was 11. Thank you, Music 202.The east building had art I liked better, including a huge Calder display. also, jackson pollock, a room dedicated to matisse and way too much ellsworth kelly. it was great.

also, it is freezing here. I literally got pushed backward by a gust of wind multiple times, and on an adventure to get food in georgetown, my lips actually started going numb, making it difficult to talk. crazy.