Tuesday, August 31, 2010

an end to small talk

The scene: any BYU classroom at any time during the last two days
Person 1: Hi, is anyone sitting here?
Person 2: (nervous grunt) oh no, go ahead.
awkward pause
1: So, what's your name? Major? Hometown?
2: answers
1: Oh cool, you're from Sammamish? do you know so and so (also: insert Jake Heaps comment here. He's from the other side of the plateau, people!)
2: No, sorry.
1: Oh, ok
awkward pause
2: Looks like this will be an interesting class
1: yeah
awkward pause as both people nervously check their phones and countdown until the professor comes in.

My new campus initiative: Let's end the small talk! I mean, there are only so many ways you can spice up how to say your name, major and hometown.

Let's just dive into real conservations, people!

The beauty of having all comms classes today was that I knew most people in both my classes, but yesterday was full of awkward encounters. In my pledge to get rid of the ridiculous amounts of small talk on this campus, I just started diving into conversations with people
To the boy in my world politics class wearing slacks, fancy vest and pink dress shirt: "Wow, you look daper on the first day of school"
To the nervous freshman girl on the other side of me: "Gotten lost yet?"
Art History girl in global comms: "Cool, art history. Tell me about your favorite painter"

other than my plight to rid this university of awkward conversations, my last first day of school was fairly uneventful, although I did score a free water bottle on my way to campus.

Friday, August 27, 2010


provo is good.
sometimes I wish I could just work all day and skip out on classes
I'm suffering from a hurt elbow and headaches and allergies.
maybe it's because the last meal I ate was lunch yesterday with mom
who is just about the greatest person ever
thanks for helping me drive down and move in, mom
and happy birthday!
avoiding the bookstore and freshmen
getting used to condo row parking
zooey deschanel is very stylish
I feel we could be quite good friends if ever we were to meet
let's play tunnel soccer
can't wait for football to start
and church in a new ward
but for now, I think I'll just lay on my new (super tall) bed and do some work
and wonder why my copy of mockingjay has yet to arrive.

that's all

Saturday, August 21, 2010

(found these the other day. Treasure girls, circa 2006)

How do people make it through life without a sister? 
~Sara Corpening

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tradition. spirit. honor.

fall is nearly upon us.
you know what that means...byu football.

let's face it: we probably won't be winning any national championships this year, but I look good in navy and it's my senior year, so this is going to be awesome.
plus, it means the return of the football face, which first graced us with its presence last season:
(Remember the team's epic win and 2 am airport pickup? awesome. football face loved it)

This year will also require some more creativity with our sign creation.
Last year brought us this gem:but Harvey peaced out of Provo after an hco. vio (honor code violation, obvs), so it's back to the drawing board.
So far in the running we have:
In Bronco We Trust
Jake Heaps: Sammamish's favorite son
Austin, get back here. (Oh wait, you almost won the Superbowl)
BYU Football: the wives and babies are our biggest fans
Win it for Cecil.

obviously, the signage is a work in progress. suggestions?
but what better way to kick off the season but against UW in Provo? This will be epic.

and to pay a small homage to the departed #45, I dug this out of the vault to remember the happier times of rushing records and gummy savers. rip BY-Unga.
(this novel-length post shows my devotion to the team)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend warriors

(no, not the HGTV show)

welcome to summer at the Treasure home
Monday-Friday= work hard
Saturday= insane outdoor activity
Sunday=wake up sore and hobble around in recovery, thank goodness this is a day of rest

week 1:
mountain bike 16 miles along Kechless Lake by Snoqualmie Pass. Beautiful, but my butt felt it the next dayWeek 2: Hike Big Si
None of this Little Mt. Si business, we went all the way. 4 butt-kicking uphill miles, and 4 long trudging miles down. But quite the accomplishment to say we did it. The view? cloudy, but pretty amazing.(lesson learned. you may think you know where north is, but you can be wrong. the iphone compass is always right)

Week 4: Hike Tiger Mountain
A walk in the park compared the the last few activities (but maybe because my dad was hauling 30 pounds of pack and I had nothing.) lovely hike. I felt like I was in Twilight, except Edward jumps, not hikes
For the record, I do wear makeup and do my hair during the summer, but that tends to kick in around noon on Saturdays, long after the morning adventures are done.

Friday, August 6, 2010

22 by 22

Today is my half-birthday. woohoo. Happy 21.5 to me. I can hardly believe that it was six months ago when I woke up to the worst blizzard I've ever seen, spent seven hours on an icy bus, and ended the night around an iphone fire. time flies.

To celebrate 6 months until I hit the ripe old age of 22, here are the 22 things I vow to due by February 6, 2011; my 22nd birthday:

1. Do baptisms in 4 new temples
2. Host a swanky dinner party
3. Ride a roller coaster
4. Read the Book of Mormon
5. Meet someone famous
6. Sew a piece of clothing and actually wear it
7. Visit 2 new states (kind of a cop-out because I'm already planning Christmas in South Carolina, but oh well)
8. Make 5 free-throws in a row
9. Go on 3 new hikes
10. Make a movie
11. Go geocaching
12. Try a new mode of transportation (segway, sailboat, mule, whatever)
13. Paint a picture (on a canvas like a real artist...hello Van Gogh!)
14. Go on a roadtrip
15. Run a 5k (distance, not actual race)
16. karaoke to cheers, not boos
17. make Cafe Rio pork (bonus points for selling it on the side of the road)
18. Bowl over 200
19. keep a plant alive for more than 3 months
20. crash a wedding (doesn't count unless you get food)
21. learn to whistle
22. have a movie-worthy kiss (ala Never Been Kissed or Princess Diaries or HP 5...yeah right)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm a Mormon...

I spent my Sunday evening watching the new I'm a Mormon videos on the updated mormon.org.

They are fabulous! The church isn't just old men, but real people living their lives and trying to have faith and become like Christ.

my favorite videos are Emily, Jane and Ryan, but they are all wonderful