Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm an adult.
(but I think I'm part of the system)

this week I...
ordered my cap and gown
filed my taxes (correction: got accounting students to file my taxes), and thanks to one internship, now have to pay over $400. thanks.
applied for jobs like there's no tomorrow. like real people jobs where I had to declare what I wanted my salary to be.
took the shuttle from the airport to airport parking with old people. I think they thought I was a sophisticated business woman. Well, I like to think they thought that
Used the bread maker to have dinner ready when I came home from a long day
complained about an aching hip.

how old am I?

but at the same time, part of the job application was done with the Disney Channel in the background. and now High School Musical is blaring through my apartment

Friday, February 18, 2011

not to brag, but...

...sometimes we do exciting things for valentine's day.
like spend forever at Tucanos, eating copious amounts of meat.
and go on carriage rides around temple square and through memory grove
 and go to the dinosaur museum
and get flowers delivered to my work.

but seriously, I hate being one of those my boyfriend is so great type of people. and for the record, I had other Valentines festivities including an old roommate Sunday dinner, roommate cookies and a Divine Comedy trip. Not too shabby, I would say.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

shout hooray.

it was my birthday. I feel like 22 is an inexplicably big jump in ages. you go from being young and fun, but not too young at 21 to being young and responsible, that weird in-between, why aren't you married or on a mission age.
oh well. my birthday was still great!

we partied with pancakes on Sunday and it was a jolly good time. Thanks roommates and Andre for planning such a lovely get-together! (and thanks lauren and kylie for the pictures)
the answer to the riddle is cakes on the griddle (thanks sabrina, season 3!)

Lauren made cute hearts and made everyone write nice things about me on them. I came away with some of the funniest and sweetest notes!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Remember this list from 6 months ago? 22 things to do by my 22th birthday? well, it wasn't as easy as planned. an update (completed are in bold)

1. Do baptisms in 4 new temples
       accomplished: 2, Mt Timponogos and Draper
2. Host a swanky dinner party
          accomplished! Halloween murder mystery, fakes-giving and a few more
3. Ride a roller coaster
4. Read the Book of Mormon
5. Meet someone famous
     accomplished! Alex Boye
6. Sew a piece of clothing and actually wear it
     accomplished! a headband. cop out, I know
7. Visit 2 new states 
     accomplished! with a bonus.
        south carolina
8. Make 5 free-throws in a row
9. Go on 3 new hikes
       accomplished: 2 new hikes and some repeats
10. Make a movie
11. Go geocaching
12. Try a new mode of transportation (segway, sailboat, mule, whatever)
      does driving a rental car count?
      but I met a camel. and I would have totally ridden it if I could. I give myself half points.
13. Paint a picture (on a canvas like a real artist...hello Van Gogh!)
14. Go on a roadtrip
       washington to utah and colorado to utah
15. Run a 5k (distance, not actual race)
16. karaoke to cheers, not boos
17. make Cafe Rio pork (bonus points for selling it on the side of the road)
      accomplished. delicious. inspired a massive apartment dinner the next week and Kaiser family dinner a few weeks later
18. Bowl over 200
      didn't realize how difficult this would be
19. keep a plant alive for more than 3 months
20. crash a wedding (doesn't count unless you get food)
21. learn to whistle
22. have a movie-worthy kiss 

Grand total: 8 for real, 3 more almost there. lots of room for improvement for next year's 23 by 23!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

reasons february is the best

it is national grapefruit month. shout out to one of my top 3 citruses.
 build up to march madness. college basketball in full gear
valentines day and all it brings (hearts, chocolate, parties, dates)
start of spring training
Oscars, which really just means dresses to critique
3 day weekend (thank you america)
my birthday (come on people, obviously this is number 1)

welcome, february! I'm excited for all the festivities you bring.