Monday, November 23, 2009


to whoever has a moment....
please take a survey for a PR campaign I am working on.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is my 100th blog post. Woohoo!
I feel like I should do something epic to celebrate,
but I think I'll do something celebratory to celebrate.

I was inspired by this fabulous video (I'm on a total video kick recently...weird)... create a list of 100 things I am thankful for. 100 posts, 100 ways to be thankful. get it?

1. The Atonement of Jesus Christ

2. My eternal family

3. Temples

4. The scriptures

5. A living prophet

6. Good health

7. Sisters

8. Baseball

9. Mornings

10. Crunchy leaves and the colors of fall

11. Nieces and nephews

12. The start of a new season

13. a warm bed

14. BYU

15. Opportunities to travel, learn and grow

16. Post-it notes

17. Music

18. Piano (the ability to play and listening to talented people)

19. Journals

20. Cell phone

21. My laptop

22. Technology in general

23. Airplanes and the ability to go home when I need to

24. Sammamish

25. Trees

26. Rain

27. Pictures

28. Memories

29. Baseball

30. Endorphins from exercising

31. Bargain shopping

32. Small children

33. Smiles from strangers

34. Conference issue of the Ensign

35. Living in a free country

36. Great professors and friends in the PR program


38. Sunshine

39. Ovens and microwaves

40. My heritage

41. Grandparents

42. Laughter

43. Toast and hot chocolate

44. Tights

45. Personal revelation

46. Spunky Sally

47. Priesthood blessings

48. Choirs

49. Christmas

50. Thanksgiving

51. Roommates

52. People who freely share their talents

53. Books

54. Harry Potter

55. My internship

56. The freshmen I get to mentor this semester

57. Tuesday devotionals

58. The Sacrament

59. Comms 402

60. Gardens

61. Safely exploring new places

62. Fireplaces

63. Missionary opportunities

64. Missionary letters

65. Movies

66. Spontaneity

67. Organization

68. Automatic spell check

69. Good examples of those who have come before

70. Glasses

71. Holidays and reasons to celebrate

72. Notes for no reason

73. Phone calls from a friend

74. Random happy texts

75. Lakes, oceans and all bodies of water

76. Trials who shape who I am

77. Being busy

78. Beautiful earth and all God has created

79. Love

80. Plans for the future

81. Miracles

82. slippers

83. Time

84. Bulletin and white boards

85. Vitamins

86. Vacations

87. Being able to get an education

88. Visiting and home teachers

89. Free time to curl up in a ball

90. People who dress modestly

91. Libraries

92. People who are anxious to teach and learn

93. Fruit snacks

94. Umbrellas

95. Gloves

96. Ice cream

97. Thank you cards (writing and receiving)

98. Lists

99. People who do the jobs I never want to do

100. Late night chats

Saturday, November 21, 2009

dc by the numbers

41: days until DC
3: phone interviews, my favorite
2: internship offers
2: internship offers waiting to hear back from
off the charts: my excitement level

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


If I had the money, the time and the stomach, I would be back in Guatemala today. Not that Provo is bad, but today my heart is in Chimaltenango, tierra divina.

I've been back for over five months now, but the time I spent there was so amazing and life changing. Today I was talking about Guate at my internship, and then I had an assignment to look through my pictures tonight. My heart hurt a bit.

I love the people and their beautiful spirit.

I wish I could visit them and tell them how much they mean to me and how their kind actions and example had such an impact on my life. I wish I could help them like they continue to help me. I wish I could go to the orphanage and see who's there and how they are doing. I wish I could play futbol with the boys and explore the jungle with Benjamin. I wish I could buy a bag of mangoes through the car window and eat it while driving through the mountains. I wish I could ride on a chicken bus. But more than anything, I wish the best for those beautiful, Christ-like people.

Soy chapina, pero solomente un pocito.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's that time again

welcome to my new favorite thing for the next few months...

BYU Basketball!

The home opener was last night, and it felt so good to be back in the MC with the team.
welcome back, Jimmer, Jackson and Charles. I'm excited to spend the next few months with you.

and we won. it felt great.
loved that coach rose was back after a hard summer, loved that michael loyd jr is playing this year, but didn't love the new beyonce intro song. really?

but r.i.p. lee. you will be missed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

california dreamin'

Ok, here we go-- a blog post dedicated to the wonder that was PRSSA National Conference and San Diego, my new favorite place.
I learned so much at conference and loved meeting new people and seeing how other chapters work. I promise we went to all of conference every day, but pictures of the non-conference are more fun.
warning: lots of pictures. some stolen from kevin. its the only way to truly see san diego. also, not in order

ice cream at the ghirardelli store with byu-idaho
the day we got there, we dropped our stuff at the hotel and hopped on a ferry across the bay to Coronado, the quaintest place I have ever been. Very Truman Show-esque. We loved the beach and the beautiful skyline views, plus the cute little houses.
We took a walk along the bay during one of our lunch breaks. This was Radiance of the Seas. It was huge. We totally wanted to get on and cruise to wherever it took us.
We also had a photoshoot. The bay wind did wonders for our hair.
Proof that I presented. It was great and fun to see our months of hard work pay off!

But also felt so good to be done. I had to dig through the trash for our sign, but here is our presentation team, on a post-presentation highThe San Diego temple is absolutely beautiful. We got a chance to visit and either do baptisms or a session, plus a special visit with the temple president and matron.

We went to lunch with lovely Professor Walton at Balboa Park. It was beautiful. I totally wish we could have explored more.
Most of the BYU crowd after the awards dinner. Love BYU and our modest dresses, but not so much the gross food at the dinner.
We had a few hours between the end of conference and our flight back to Utah on the last day, so we rented this surrey and cruised up and down the bay, on the boardwalk, listening to the beach boys. It was perfect.Taking a break from our group biking.
I love San Diego!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

SD interlude

i wish I had time to blog about everything happening at PRSSA National Conference, but I'm just taking feverish notes and hoping for the best.

presentation: check.
technical difficulties: check, but overcome
amazing audience response: double check. it was great!

workshops, breakout sessions, san diego exploration, temple trip, glee parties. oh yes.

I love San Diego!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

here we come...

I have been watching this countdown since probably around 60 days, and the time is finally come. In just 9 hours, I will be on a plane bound for this wonderful place...San Diego!
for the PRSSA National Conference.
It couldn't come at a better time.
I am in major need of a break, and I think some sunshine, presenting and public relations are just what the doctor ordered.
I can't wait to meet new people, explore a new city, and be a PR nerd with 1000 other people for the weekend.
Oh, and yes...we are presenting to hundreds of people. That's us, in the (righteous) red.
Wish us luck and happy sunshine!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no crap november

Feeling that we need to rejuvanate our lives, the roommates recently instigated no crap november. the main idea is to get all the junk out of our lives and replace it will good things. We get stickers every day, and are working to an apartment prize if we all do a good job.

this weeks goals include:
5 servings of fruits and vegetables
daily scripture study

and this is just the warm-up. we're kicking it into gear for week 2.
this is our "before" picture...taken on sunday, the 1st of november. Hopefully, you'll see us all with a healthy, vibrant glow at the end of the month.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

it's just great

the last few days have been a string of little moments where I've realized how blessed I am. Slightly disconnected, it's like a constant string of happiness weaving a gratitude web around my life. A sampling:

On Friday, I spent two hours with one of the freshman I mentor, planning her winter semester schedule. It was great. It filled the void of not planning my own winter schedule. Plus her wonderful company and heartfelt thanks made it time well spent.

I got to see my new niece for the first time and show her off to everyone I know. She is the cutest small child I have ever seen. Welcome to the world, Amy Catalina. (9lbs, 1 oz...good job, Janice. I'm impressed at your birthing abilities).

Listening to Christmas music all the way to Draper and back. I'm so ready for Christmas.

Getting ready with my wonderful roommates, going to the stake Halloween party and dancing so hard my toga fell off. (not to worry, there were layer underneath)
I woke up early on Saturday to the most beautiful morning and baked while enjoying a peaceful view of Mt. Timp out the kitchen window. The baked goods went to a Guatemala breakfast, so even better.

Studying on the grass outside, freshman-style, to enjoy the beautiful fall afternoon. Way to go out in style, October.

Rocking out to "The Monster Mash" whilst driving to Kylie's house for Halloween movies. I have the best roommates.

And now onto a beautiful Sunday, full of testimony, peace, and President Uchtdorf tonight!