Sunday, May 22, 2011

hobby shopper

Although I started a full-time job this week (I have a retirement plan. what?) I am finding I had a lot more free time than when I was in school. Therefore, I am currently shopping for new hobbies. I've tried lots of things, even going so far as wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby for some inspiration (hobby is in the name of the store and I came away with nothing.

currently my free-time activities include the following:
cooking real meals
wedding planning
shopping but not buying
reading Nancy Drew books

Any suggestions of things I can add to this (somewhat pathetic) list? please and thank you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a trio of instagrams

this weekend, we...
played miniature croquet and had a picnic with friends on Friday, when Andre and I matched
celebrated the boy's birthday a few days early with a meat-fest at Tucanos
scouted engagement picture locations in a monsoon (too busy dashing to take a picture)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

oh sweet summertime

With Utah finally embracing spring weather, its time to pen the summer to-do list. This is my first full summer in Utah, so exciting things are going to happen.

1. get married.
2. hike the y
3. hike other things
4. ride a tandem bike
5. picnics
6. bonfires in the canyon
7. throw rocks into the lake
8. synchronized swimming
9. get back in touch with my inner runner
10. farmers markets
11. garage sale saturdays!
12. take a trip to ikea
13. make old furniture cute again
14. explore the salt lake public library
15. visit the springville museum of art
16. provo gallery stroll
17. rooftop concert series
18. parade (be in or watch, both good)
19. read real books (that's a separate post in itself)
20. golf
21. hot springs
22. mona rope swing
23. museum of peoples and cultures
24. byu baseball games
25. geocaching 

suggestions? we're always looking for fun things to do!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I got my lovely personalized (fill in the blank) email from the graduation photographer yesterday. Turns out I'm official enough of a graduate to get hit up to order pictures.

Most of them are normal enough, like this:
 But then there is this one:
yes that is real. thanks jimmer, for always watching over me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

wedding planning..the good, the bad and the ugly

Wedding planning in is full swing. Some days are better than others.

I have a beautiful wedding dress that will be ready for pickup on Wednesday!! I just love it so much and am having a hard time keeping it a surprise from Andre
Our announcements are in the works and look lovely so far
We have a married people place to live and are slowly accumulating things
Registering is the best thing ever. Like shopping for free!
Temple is scheduled! (this really should be number one)
Honeymoon planning is going strong and I just get so excited for everything!
After a long, stressful evening of wedding plans, the fiance surprises with a visit to where we first held hands nearly four years ago and we can just chat and stargaze and not think about finding matching shades of navy for everything. that's when things are the best

still don't know where the reception will be held, thanks to some difficulty working with our top choice location
working, looking for a real job and trying to plan a wedding on a budget is stressful
the aforementioned furniture we are collecting has taken residence in my bedroom, meaning now there is a big desk in pieces in my corner

sometimes people have ugly weddings. sometimes I look at ugly weddings as comfort that no matter how things turn out, they will never be that bad. I will not do any of these things:

but seriously. Even though planning a wedding is slightly crazy, I have great help (mainly my wonderful mom who is doing so so much, including sewing nearly all the dresses) and a champ of a fiance, so really it will all be right in the end.

88 days people!