Monday, July 7, 2008


Logging onto facebook and seeing that 7 people had updated their website info reminded me that I, too have a blog that I should probably update. So, here is a quick update of a summer that is halfway through, by the numbers.

2 trips to Idaho
20 peeling appendages
1 week in singles ward
5 weeks in a row spent avoiding singles ward
2 times peed on my small children
6.5 aprons sewn
2 times breaking the sewing machine
1 Jonas Brothers party
3 mission farewells
8 long goodbyes
4 wisdom teeth removed
2.1 seasons of the West Wing watched (thanks to wisdom teeth)
3 jobs held at once
5 bouts of sickness
3 trips to the doctor
1 fainting episode
341 hymns played (that would be all of them)
39 very strange dreams
7 lotion samples on my hands at one time
53 Mariners games lost
76 lists made
312 references made to things not understood by people in this state
39 rainy days
2 apostles seen
2 BYU basketball players lost (to engagement or the draft)
2 small children I've made cry
97 cravings for chicken coeur d'bleu, the MOA, or a banana brownie shake
255 replies to the facebook thread
11 days until Christian Bale returns to the big screen. RIP Heath
36 days til the mother of all reunions!

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