Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rise and shout

Being a Y Group Leader at New Student Orientation this past weekend was such a fun experience! It made me think back to my own freshmen year, which seems like it was yesterday even though it was two years ago. I had a slight palpitation when I realized that I'm getting pretty old.

I loved being a fake freshman for a few days. The freshmen are so excited about everything that I am used to and take for granted about BYU. I am truly blessed to go there.
A sampling of things I have a renewed appreciation for:
  • Saying prayers and singing hymns before each meeting and class. I forget how unusual and wonderful it is.
  • Weekly devotionals that allow me to de-stress and feel the spirit
  • A beautiful and huge library that is full of so many resources
  • creamery chocolate milk
  • The award-winning Department of Communications
  • BYU sports, and athletes with standards
  • The Honor Code. People give it a lot of grief, but it really is an amazing thing.
  • The ability to combine spiritual and secular learning and to gain a love for learning.
Oh how I love BYU!

(I took this picture outside my apartment the other day. Provo is beautiful, even when it rains in June)

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kylie said...

yay for being a freshman. did you tell them the deep, dark secrets of the school? and no, we did not buy the shoes. 40 pounds? i think not. that's why we had to take the pics.