Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer adventures

I'm loving summer at home. perfect weather days, small children and the start of tan lines, even though it's july. Besides forgetting how to rotate pictures, here are some other recent adventures:

hiking with Janice and the children. 4th of July weekend, and we're wearing coats and layers. love washington.
Lacey got married at a beautiful wedding. her dress was amazing!Grandpa rocked suspendersand even in heels, I was the shortest of all the cousins we could gather at the reception.We finally stopped at the scenic view we've been driving past for years.Mom and I went to visit Grandpa. we went to a museum in a jail turned girl scout camp.Grandpa and I enjoyed nature.
and we rode on da boat.

love summer.
one month left...and I'm soaking up the sun!

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