Tuesday, September 14, 2010

oh, hello there...

5 reasons I have been m.i.a. from the blog world:
1. my computer got really slow
2. then it wouldn't connect to the internet
3. so I had to buy a new one
4. I've spent the last day playing with my new MacBook Pro and not blogging
5. school/work/life is crazy

6 reasons my life is awesome:
1. Cereal sale at Maceys
2. Lauren and I just bought a dinosaur pinata for the PRSSA fiesta tomorrow
3. new macbook, duh
4. came home to cinammon rolls on the counter. ate them. they were delicious. an hour later I get a text from the roommates saying the cinnamon rolls are for us. but we already ate them and they were good
5. 4 apostles in 3 days, plus Sister Beck
6. we got a new fondue pot and had our inaugural fondue fest on Sunday. It was a smashing success.

5 things to look forward to:
1. Fiesta tomorrow (the pinata, people!)
2. PRSSA National Conference in DC next month (booked plane tickets and hotel last week--so excited!)
3. Farmers Market Saturday
4. Fair on Friday!
5. Parents coming for General Conference

3 fashion statements that should never be made:
1. Camelback backpacks on campus (do you really get that dehydrated walking between classes that you can't whip out a water bottle like the rest of us?)
2. Baggy overalls and polo shirts (it's not 1997, people)
3. Lady Gaga's meat dress

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