Wednesday, October 20, 2010

we're kind of a big deal

DC was awesome
I loved being back in my city
and soaking up the PR goodness.
(more on that to come)

But perhaps the best part?
Recieving my PRSSA National Gold Key Award?
Not quite (but still awesome)
Winning the Outstanding Chapter Award over more than 300 other schools.
Basically, it means our PRSSA Chapter is the best in the country.
I spent two full weeks putting the application together this summer, and it is so good to see it pay off.
BYU has a great PR program with great students, professors and advisors.
If I learned anything from conference, it was to be so grateful for my BYU education.
so yay for winning!
(and we sure looked good doing it!)


kylie said...

you guys do look pretty classy. congratulations. you may be my pr rep when i am famous.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! Michelle you look so beautiful...AND, I am for sure, for sure, going to make you lead PR supervisor/manager of my campaign tour East Coast chapter for the upper blue states. This is a thank you in advance. Also, I'm very jealous that you got to go back to where it all began. Hoorah for smart cookie cougars.

Janice said...

That's awesome! And you look beautiful!

JenLee said...

Michelle! You are so cool. Seriously. SO so cool. Love and miss you! I hope you ate at Potbelly's for me.