Tuesday, April 5, 2011

114 days to go...

I've been MIA from blogging for the past week, because aside from school, work, looking for a job, etc, wedding planning has taken over my life. That's right--I'm engaged!

So for the journaling/self-indulgent purposes of this blog, here is how it all went down.

We planned on reading a conference talk each day this week, and Andre mentioned he wanted to read that day’s talk at a spot he found on a run on the Provo River. Didn’t think anything of it. I showed up at his apartment for dinner on Tuesday (totally normal), but he said he had started it late and it wouldn’t be ready for 30 minutes (very unnormal), so he said we should go read the talk first. Ok. He acted confused and had to find driving directions on his phone, but we made it to the park and walked along the river trail to another, quainter park. 

We crossed the bridge, played Pooh Sticks, checked out the duck pond, then went to find a bench to sit and read. I figured we were looking for a private bench to discuss the talk, so I didn’t think much as we walked into the clump of trees. Andre picked out a bench that happened to have his piano keyboard on it, and then I knew what was up. He played me Train’s “Marry Me”, which was wonderful. Half-way though I realized this would be a really dumb move if he wasn’t proposing.

After the song he got quiet (I later found out his mind blanked and he forgot the speech he had prepared), said some cute things, then proposed, then got on one knee (in that order). I was shocked and thrilled and said yes right away and we were just so so happy. Then he sang me a song he wrote for me, which was lovely and we soaked up the moment, then headed back for a delicious dinner (that had been ready the entire time, that sneaky boy) and to talk to our families.

We are so so so excited and probably haven’t stopped smiling since. We are planning for July 28th in Seattle and just can’t wait!


Devin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Congratulations!

Tiffers said...

AHHHH Michelle! That's so cute! He did a great job. very romantic. I hope you're doing well. Congrats on graduating too!

kylie said...