Thursday, October 2, 2008

ode to midterms

Oh midterms, how I love you so,
but sometimes I just wish you'd go.
You come barelling at me like a comet,
Long days in the library make we want to vomit.
The Testing Center walk of doom
just fills my whole day with gloom.
After sweating and fretting in that uncomfortable chair,
and wanting to pull out clumps of hair,
I throw my test across the table,
and get out of there as fast as I'm able.
I barely glance at scores on the screen,
because most days they make me want to scream.
But what is this?
Something must be amiss!
There is an "Awesome!" by my name!
I wish the Testing Center wouldn't play this game.
I walk away with a delightful skip,
I guess that studying made for a good testing trip.
From music to grammar to chemistry,
Midterms please don't toy with me!

If you didn't catch that, its midterm season. I've already made 2 fairly successful trips to the Testing Center this week, with one more tomorrow and 2 early next week. Yay exams!


Anonymous said...

That's great Michelle! (Did you write this wonderful piece of poetry?) I think it should be published!

Erin said...

You're hilarious! Good luck with all your tests. Consider sending this poem into the Daily Universe. Maybe it could get published!