Sunday, February 8, 2009

It was my birthday. Now I am old.

I had a wonderful birthday on Friday, but now all the festivities have worn off and it is finally setting in that I am 20. Two decades old. Half-way over the hill.

It was a great birthday! My roommates decorated the apartment with notes all over and a picture of my face on the wall that creeped me out when I woke up. I got the traditional birthday orange with a candle in it from the DU newsroom, and also cake to balance out the healthiness. We went out to dinner and a movie with a bunch of friends, and then came back to eat delicious home-made cake. It was a great day!!


kylie said...

i'm glad you had a happy birthday. :) don't have a crisis, though, just because you are old.

trupii said...

Hey! It's the year of Michelle! Time to celebrate in style!

Janice said...

HAPPY Birthday!