Sunday, September 13, 2009

welcome home

Well, the time has finally come. We finally decorated our living room, so I figured now I can put pictures of my "new" apartment on here. Cynthia, this is for you. Just promise not to stalk me. Welcome to our humble abode. and please note how clean it is. we had just finished our Saturday chores.

The living room. Please notice the Native American couches. We are one of probably 20 apartments in our whole complex of 130ish that don't have new couches. The other day my phone fell all the way through the couch. My lovely roommate Juliet modeled this room quite nicely.
We channelled our inner Jackson Pollock and did these splatter paintings the other day. This is the hallway to the back and the kitchen.
Our kitchen. The dishwasher is a nice touch, but it floods, so we haven't used it for two weeks and they probably won't fix it for another week. Yay management.
Our lovely vanity, perfect for six girls to get ready at the same time.
Kylie and I scored the biggest room. This is my side. The shelf at the foot of my bed was a DI purchase for $3 that I painted Caribbean blue. Kristin Cunningham would be proud.Our desk. The apartment didn't come with desk chairs, but mine (the one on the right) was floating around and shockingly, no one wanted it, so I dibbed it.
At the other end of the room are our closests, but they aren't very exciting.

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Cynthia said...

haha i love it! and the jackson pollacks? Lovely touch. :)
and yay for having management that kinda sorta really bites. :(
p.s. i love that this post was for me!!!