Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's hear it for Idaho!

Comms 402 hit the road this weekend with a much needed trip to Burley, Idaho. It felt so good to take a break, barely check my e-mail and not have to worry about my mountain of a to-do list. Let's hear it for great friends and small towns. and yay for Ida and crew for housing us.

Highlights of the weekend include the cold and wet Burley High football game, Crazy Daves, the Mexican dress shop, dozens of tours, driving circles around Burley, potatoes, a haunted house in a condemned elementary school and an enlightening set of book reviews. Oh yes, I drove a tractor. It had a gps.

Imagine DI on steroids, combined with the leftovers from every garage sale in Idaho. But better. That's Crazy Dave's Emporium, which is so great an astronaut directed its traffic.
Idaho is windy. Stevo's is good. I'm having a heart attack 3 years earlier thanks to cheese fries and chicken.
This is only the fake version of the knives we saw at Walmart. I love hunting Burley-ites.
Lauren may have bought a "watch" from these girls camped on the corner. The craftsmanship was impecible and the 2 for $10 deal was unbeatable.
They sure know how to do Halloween in Idaho!

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