Thursday, November 12, 2009

california dreamin'

Ok, here we go-- a blog post dedicated to the wonder that was PRSSA National Conference and San Diego, my new favorite place.
I learned so much at conference and loved meeting new people and seeing how other chapters work. I promise we went to all of conference every day, but pictures of the non-conference are more fun.
warning: lots of pictures. some stolen from kevin. its the only way to truly see san diego. also, not in order

ice cream at the ghirardelli store with byu-idaho
the day we got there, we dropped our stuff at the hotel and hopped on a ferry across the bay to Coronado, the quaintest place I have ever been. Very Truman Show-esque. We loved the beach and the beautiful skyline views, plus the cute little houses.
We took a walk along the bay during one of our lunch breaks. This was Radiance of the Seas. It was huge. We totally wanted to get on and cruise to wherever it took us.
We also had a photoshoot. The bay wind did wonders for our hair.
Proof that I presented. It was great and fun to see our months of hard work pay off!

But also felt so good to be done. I had to dig through the trash for our sign, but here is our presentation team, on a post-presentation highThe San Diego temple is absolutely beautiful. We got a chance to visit and either do baptisms or a session, plus a special visit with the temple president and matron.

We went to lunch with lovely Professor Walton at Balboa Park. It was beautiful. I totally wish we could have explored more.
Most of the BYU crowd after the awards dinner. Love BYU and our modest dresses, but not so much the gross food at the dinner.
We had a few hours between the end of conference and our flight back to Utah on the last day, so we rented this surrey and cruised up and down the bay, on the boardwalk, listening to the beach boys. It was perfect.Taking a break from our group biking.
I love San Diego!


kylie said...

wo. so much fun. stop secretly reading this over my shoulder.

Cynthia said...

oh my gosh, looks like SO MUCH FUN! i'm so happy for you. :)

Janice said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm envious of the sun/short sleeves!