Sunday, November 1, 2009

it's just great

the last few days have been a string of little moments where I've realized how blessed I am. Slightly disconnected, it's like a constant string of happiness weaving a gratitude web around my life. A sampling:

On Friday, I spent two hours with one of the freshman I mentor, planning her winter semester schedule. It was great. It filled the void of not planning my own winter schedule. Plus her wonderful company and heartfelt thanks made it time well spent.

I got to see my new niece for the first time and show her off to everyone I know. She is the cutest small child I have ever seen. Welcome to the world, Amy Catalina. (9lbs, 1 oz...good job, Janice. I'm impressed at your birthing abilities).

Listening to Christmas music all the way to Draper and back. I'm so ready for Christmas.

Getting ready with my wonderful roommates, going to the stake Halloween party and dancing so hard my toga fell off. (not to worry, there were layer underneath)
I woke up early on Saturday to the most beautiful morning and baked while enjoying a peaceful view of Mt. Timp out the kitchen window. The baked goods went to a Guatemala breakfast, so even better.

Studying on the grass outside, freshman-style, to enjoy the beautiful fall afternoon. Way to go out in style, October.

Rocking out to "The Monster Mash" whilst driving to Kylie's house for Halloween movies. I have the best roommates.

And now onto a beautiful Sunday, full of testimony, peace, and President Uchtdorf tonight!


kylie said...

i must admit, we are pretty awesome. as are you. what am i going to do while you're gone?!

Cynthia said...

what an adorable baby!!!
and yes, you pretty much rock.