Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tradition. spirit. honor.

fall is nearly upon us.
you know what that means...byu football.

let's face it: we probably won't be winning any national championships this year, but I look good in navy and it's my senior year, so this is going to be awesome.
plus, it means the return of the football face, which first graced us with its presence last season:
(Remember the team's epic win and 2 am airport pickup? awesome. football face loved it)

This year will also require some more creativity with our sign creation.
Last year brought us this gem:but Harvey peaced out of Provo after an hco. vio (honor code violation, obvs), so it's back to the drawing board.
So far in the running we have:
In Bronco We Trust
Jake Heaps: Sammamish's favorite son
Austin, get back here. (Oh wait, you almost won the Superbowl)
BYU Football: the wives and babies are our biggest fans
Win it for Cecil.

obviously, the signage is a work in progress. suggestions?
but what better way to kick off the season but against UW in Provo? This will be epic.

and to pay a small homage to the departed #45, I dug this out of the vault to remember the happier times of rushing records and gummy savers. rip BY-Unga.
(this novel-length post shows my devotion to the team)


Cynthia said...

I'm fond of win it for cecil and in bronco we trust.

kylie said...

i miss your football face

Erin said...

We're counting down the days in this house too. "Win it for Cecil" is great!