Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend warriors

(no, not the HGTV show)

welcome to summer at the Treasure home
Monday-Friday= work hard
Saturday= insane outdoor activity
Sunday=wake up sore and hobble around in recovery, thank goodness this is a day of rest

week 1:
mountain bike 16 miles along Kechless Lake by Snoqualmie Pass. Beautiful, but my butt felt it the next dayWeek 2: Hike Big Si
None of this Little Mt. Si business, we went all the way. 4 butt-kicking uphill miles, and 4 long trudging miles down. But quite the accomplishment to say we did it. The view? cloudy, but pretty amazing.(lesson learned. you may think you know where north is, but you can be wrong. the iphone compass is always right)

Week 4: Hike Tiger Mountain
A walk in the park compared the the last few activities (but maybe because my dad was hauling 30 pounds of pack and I had nothing.) lovely hike. I felt like I was in Twilight, except Edward jumps, not hikes
For the record, I do wear makeup and do my hair during the summer, but that tends to kick in around noon on Saturdays, long after the morning adventures are done.


kylie said...

you are very outdoorsy and awesome. also, you make me feel like a fatty. :)

Erin said...

I LOVE the pic of you and mom in bike shorts! Hilarious! Wish I could have joined you on all your expeditions!