Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm an adult.
(but I think I'm part of the system)

this week I...
ordered my cap and gown
filed my taxes (correction: got accounting students to file my taxes), and thanks to one internship, now have to pay over $400. thanks.
applied for jobs like there's no tomorrow. like real people jobs where I had to declare what I wanted my salary to be.
took the shuttle from the airport to airport parking with old people. I think they thought I was a sophisticated business woman. Well, I like to think they thought that
Used the bread maker to have dinner ready when I came home from a long day
complained about an aching hip.

how old am I?

but at the same time, part of the job application was done with the Disney Channel in the background. and now High School Musical is blaring through my apartment

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Kayleigh said...

why would an internship make you do such a thing?! yikes!