Friday, February 4, 2011


Remember this list from 6 months ago? 22 things to do by my 22th birthday? well, it wasn't as easy as planned. an update (completed are in bold)

1. Do baptisms in 4 new temples
       accomplished: 2, Mt Timponogos and Draper
2. Host a swanky dinner party
          accomplished! Halloween murder mystery, fakes-giving and a few more
3. Ride a roller coaster
4. Read the Book of Mormon
5. Meet someone famous
     accomplished! Alex Boye
6. Sew a piece of clothing and actually wear it
     accomplished! a headband. cop out, I know
7. Visit 2 new states 
     accomplished! with a bonus.
        south carolina
8. Make 5 free-throws in a row
9. Go on 3 new hikes
       accomplished: 2 new hikes and some repeats
10. Make a movie
11. Go geocaching
12. Try a new mode of transportation (segway, sailboat, mule, whatever)
      does driving a rental car count?
      but I met a camel. and I would have totally ridden it if I could. I give myself half points.
13. Paint a picture (on a canvas like a real artist...hello Van Gogh!)
14. Go on a roadtrip
       washington to utah and colorado to utah
15. Run a 5k (distance, not actual race)
16. karaoke to cheers, not boos
17. make Cafe Rio pork (bonus points for selling it on the side of the road)
      accomplished. delicious. inspired a massive apartment dinner the next week and Kaiser family dinner a few weeks later
18. Bowl over 200
      didn't realize how difficult this would be
19. keep a plant alive for more than 3 months
20. crash a wedding (doesn't count unless you get food)
21. learn to whistle
22. have a movie-worthy kiss 

Grand total: 8 for real, 3 more almost there. lots of room for improvement for next year's 23 by 23!


kylie said...

michelle i am super impressed with your awesomeness. also you met that super handsome congressman.

Cynthia said...

You don't know how to whistle?!??! and why haven't you updated the thread on your movie-worthy kiss??? fess up. :)