Sunday, March 6, 2011

rise and shout.

I got a little emotional during the final home basketball game Saturday.

This video for the seniors gave me chills.

There's a lot of love in my heart for this team, espeically these guys who I've been cheering on for years. "Shimmer for Jimmer"? Yeah, we created that when we (and Jimmer) were freshmen. "Woosh Cecil" after freethrows? We were the pioneers. Now everyone does it and he gives us a thumbs up each time and its sweet.

It's hard to pick a favorite moment from this game, let alone this season. But on of the most epic things was getting all 5000+ students in the student section to dance, flash-mob style during a timeout. We practiced, we stretched, we were pumped. It was awesome! A standing ovation from the entire crowd, even President Samuelson and Elder Nelson? even better.

Watch this one to get the epic magnitude:

and this for the detail:

it was a rough week for Cougar fans, but today made it all better!
so proud to be a Cougar!

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