Wednesday, March 9, 2011

then and now...

since I am feeling nostalgic as graduation approaches, here's a look back at the last four years and how things have changed. It's crazy to think how the last four years have flown by.

Freshman--dear Kylie. It was fate when we randomly chose the same room in good old Hinckley Hall
 Sophomore--the Cinnamon Tree days with these colorful bundles of fun
We had a room of foreigners, a room of curly haired girls, and then a room of leftovers
 Junior--I just had one semester at the Riv with these girls, but we loafed it a lot and made up the best apartment song ever.
Senior--tried something new with the Condo Row girls. All from Washington, all lovely.


kylie said...

this was lovely. but do we not have a picture of us freshman year at the dorms! it looks like we lived at single tree...which we did not.
whatev. you're cool.

michelle said...

ok, you're right. I changed it. Now everyone can see our dorm room in its true glory.