Wednesday, March 25, 2009


things I'm loving lately...
1. the Regina Spektor Pandora station- hello, springtime!
2. PR majors- I'm amazed at the talent of the people I interact with everyday
3. The Slavic language hallway of the JFSB- I currently have a nook to myself with a comfy chair and a view of the snowy mountains-perfection.
4. this kid
5. MEXICO! I leave in 54 days
6. Oregon Trail- yes, the 1985 classic computer game is back. I accidentaly killed 3 of my roommates whilst crossing the plains yesterday
7. being on the front page of the DU yesterday
8. General Conference is next weekend
9. Baseball season starts oh so soon and Griffey is back in Seattle!

1 comment:

kylie said...

yay for oregon trail!