Wednesday, March 11, 2009

haha number 2

We declared this week "roommate appreciation week" so we could focus on being nice to each other and appreciating each other and on having roommate prayer every night so we don't get super stressed. I've been thinking about how great my roommates are, and their wonderful qualities that aren't the superficial 'you're so cute' things. On an unrelated note, yesterday was the first day I really appreciated daylight savings time. Walking home at 5 and having it feel like the middle of the day? wonderful.

Kylie is probably the only roommate that will read this, so she gets to go first (also alphabetical). Also, she has put up with me for the past 2-ish years. Even when I try to mother her and wake her up in the morning, she has never gotten mad or frustrated at me. Kylie is also on the receiving end of most of my rants about other people/things, and she listens. Plus, she is super fun and makes me laugh. And she can quote just about everything.

Rachel is from England, she therefore she is cool. I am her roommate, therefore I am cool. Rachel knows things about everything, and can talk intelligently about just about any topic. She keeps me on my toes, humble and level-headed. She is honest and always checks my grammar so I don't sound stupid.
Sian-Amy lets me escort her on the way to school sometimes. She has taught me lots of English words like 'bum' and 'can't be bothered'. Sian-Amy gives good advice and always listens to my problems. She is good at blanket walks and talks and is super friendly to everyone. She is very good at empathizing with others and lets me borrow her beads.Tara
Tara is ridiculously talented in so many ways. She is always thinking of other people and things she can do to help them. She is super smilely and happy and always asks how my day is. Tara is very put-together kind. She is a hard worker and involved in just about everything!
Wallis is a great example of hard work. She is always busy with a project of some sort, and lets her testimony show through her actions. Wallis is also super compassionate and notices things about people that I never realize. Plus, she (and Tara) make delicious cookies and other delicious things.Yay for apartment 2!


kylie said...

oh, michelle, i love you! also, i never knew that i was the first, alphabetically speaking! that has never happened to me before! also, i love your blog. i told you that yesterday.

Cynthia said...

This is awesome Michelle!
Your apartment is so creative. I just love it!
p.s. I'm really excited for you to go to Mexico. I hope you tell me every stinkin' detail!