Monday, May 18, 2009

things are looking good, my friends, and here is a little sampling why...
  • sunny summer-like days
  • a chance to hang out with old and new friends this weekend
  • i think i'm naturally talented at photoshop.
  • sprinklers all over provo are starting to get turned on and i've gotten caught in the middle of them three times in the last two days. it's great.
  • it's more socially-acceptable to wear skirts to class during the spring. i approve of this trend
  • the flowers are blooming and campus just smells better in the spring
  • today i sat on a patch of grass and thought it was wet, but it wasn't!
  • i keep running into great people i haven't seen in awhile. that makes me happy
  • today these ducks came up to me as i read on a patch of grass. i was nowhere near the duck pond. they were cute until i feared they would eat my toes. i didn't zoom, i promise.
  • oh yes, and i will be in guatemala in one week!

1 comment:

kylie said...

i TOLD you that provo/campus/life is SO MUCH BETTER in the springtime!!!!