Monday, December 28, 2009

the year that was...2009

longest blog post ever...

Life is more about the little moments, right? Well, 2009 had lots of those little moments. Now, a look back at some of the things that weren't quite cool enough to get blogged about the first time, but somehow got more notable over time...

January brought long days in the newsroom and the start of creeping on the dtr-bench out the window. Also, basketball, hammering paths for car tires in the cinnamon tree parking lot and Sunday afternoon gymnastics. This was also the month we were introduced to the beauty of "Another Cinderella Story". We just really wanted to go to a wedding, but ended up crashing Rihanna's first birthday instead.
February, month of my birth, the start of the "year of me". We tried on mumus, were too poor to buy them, so had a photo shoot instead. This is also the month I told Jimmer "good game" and he smiled and said "thanks". we're basically bff.In March, I mingled with Provo's finest at the Y Awards. The month also brought hints of spring, late night talks at the park and a PRSSA golf outing. March is also when accounting 200 and Norm took over my life.April ended winter semester with a bang. We celebrated Easter with an apartment egg hunt, celebrated the end of the newspaper with a series of parties, and celebrated finals with an ice-cold slip n slide and Nepalese food.
We cleaned forever before moving out of our apartment, were too scared to use the super clean bathroom, so we went down the road to Dennys to use the toilet and eat, then moved our mattresses into the living room for a last night sleepover. May brought spring term, sunshine and a new apartment. Adventures including playing in the sun, joining an intermural kickball team (go Desmond-aters!) and surviving the outbreak of swine flu.
One day in May, I accidentally followed Cecil to devotional. At the end, he turned to go in a special VIP door and I chickened out and went in the main door. MLIA.
oh hey, and I went to Guatemala and built houses. and passed out just feet from where this pictures was taken. and got sick. and danced with rabid dogs. In June, I saw Kelly Clarkson in concert. There was a guy near us who knew every word to every song and rocked so hard, he was nearly more entertaining than Kelly. I was also a Y Group Leader for NSO and partied like a freshman. The highlight was definitely showing them how to take naps on campus.In July, I was back in Sammamish, babysitting for these cute kids. We also started a new tradition with a family baseball game on the 4th of july in coeur d alene, where I hit a homerun and talked some serious smack. I also started braving the singles ward, found it wasn't that bad, and had my records moved for the last Sunday I was in town.August was hot, hot, hot and brought the first of 2 cross-country road trips to Utah. Roommates were reunited, and Sian-Amy went tubing for the first time, goggles, carp and all. Grandma gave me a care package and we made delicious chocolate covered cake balls.
In September, I embraced my inner Kylie on friday night and won a free costa vida shirt. Connection? I think yes. Our roommates also nearly burned down the apartment and gassed us out, so Kylie and I holed up in our room with our emergency food supply until it was safe to come out.

September was also BYU's big win over Oklahoma, which led to impromptu celebrations and a dance party down University Ave, when we nearly got hit by multiple cars.October introduced us to the football face, a natural occurrence whenever the topic of football comes up and I get way too excited. This is also when we enrolled in comms 402, traveled to Burley to experience Crazy Daves, and had one kickin Halloween where my costume literally unraveled throughout the night.November brought a trip to San Diego, complete with glee parties, Damien and Julio. We also learned how to fit 5 people into the backseat of a car with minimal permanent damage to all involved.
Basketball season came again, and the team came out to a Beyonce song. low point.

November was a month to give thanks, go home, and explore the ship that was the Interceptor in the first pirates movie.

December was snow, roadtrips, packing, unpacking and saying goodbye. It was choreographed Christmas lights, internships and another long drive. We also fed big jumping fish in a Cabella's adventure.

So there it is, the mundane but wonderful year of 2009.
Celebrate the small things, my friends.
and now, on to 2010
(two thousand ten? twenty ten? how are we saying it?)


Cynthia said...

twenty-ten. :)
dear michelle, i'm going to miss you so, while you're out playing in DC. but i hope you have so much fun you just explode.

Rebecca Clyde said...

youre so cute! i was angry at first that you went to coeur d alene w/ out telling me cause its really half hr from spokane. then realized i was in guatemala then. haha have fun in DC!