Sunday, February 7, 2010

birthday blizzard...aka snow-pocolypse

So DC got 28 inches of snow in 24 hours...literally the snow of the century. and where were we? snowed in at Valley Forge, PA of course.
Back track.

We arrived at the Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge, pre-snow, and went on a tour of the park.This is Rob, our tour guide. He could play the fife and has been giving Valley Forge tours for 14 years, so he knows his stuff.Unfortunately, this is as exciting as Rob's tour got. He called us "Rob's group" to get us to follow him, as if there was some confusion about who our tour guide was. We were the only people in some 100+ acres of Valley Forge.We were on and off the bus all around VF, and we did learn some cool facts. The huts behind us in this picture? historically inaccurate. they were built in the 1950s and don't look like the original huts. Rob made us get out and look at 3 different groups of them.
(Valley Forge was good for Matthew, who got to sit on a log with 8 girls)
After the tour, it started to snow. Hard. All night. We woke up in the morning, ready to head to Philadelphia, but we were snowed in. After hours of games, we were resigned to spending another night. We even celebrated my birthday in the cafeteria after lunch. My birthday wish was that we would make it back soon. 10 minutes after making the wish, it stopped snowing, 4 hours earlier than predicted. coincidence? who knows, but it was my defense when I was fined for being snowed in on my birthday in the Barlow Court. (which, was incredibly enertaining)We boarded the bus, leaving this behind, snow up to our knees, and slowly drove back to DC. The 3 hour drive took 7 hours and we had to circle Baltimore for a few hours to find an open road. Our bus driver Al was a stud, and we made it back to DC.The night ended with a massive snow fight, lots of whitewashing in front of the Barlow, then scary stories and a "campfire" in the basement.


and a snow day from work tomorrow. so excited.

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Mackenzie said...

Rob? I totally thought he was a reincarnation of a founding father. Why would you dress up in 18th century garb and call yourself Rob? Weird!

*purely factious tone