Monday, November 1, 2010

all hallow's eve

I love that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, giving us Utahns a chance to celebrate all weekend long.

My roommates and I hosted a murder mystery dinner on Friday, complete with costumes, delicious food and a mysterious atmosphere of candles and (unimpressive) dry ice. The scene: college friends coming together on a remote Canadian island for a reunion...and a murder. (dun dun dun)
The roommates before the party--we look like we belong on the Babysitter's Club.
Lauren was a movie star, Justine was a neurosurgeon and Jessica was a grandma.
Andre was a businessman on vacation and I was a soccer mom. would this be a good time to mention I was also the murderer? yeah, shocker.

The entire group with a faulty self timer.
We moved the kitchen table to the living room and the couch to the kitchen, so the boys had to move it back when we were done. Somehow I ended up being taken on my chariot of a couch.

 We went costume bowling Saturday night with a super fun/random group of people.
I bowled a (respectable) 107.
Here are the roomies again in costume #2. Justine is a cupcake, I am a Native American (let's be politically correct, people), Jessica is a baby and Lauren is Minnie Mouse.
 When roommates and Sammamish friends collide

All in all, a lovely year for celebrations.
I love Halloween!

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JenLee said...

What remote Canadian island?! :)