Wednesday, November 3, 2010

live from salt lake...

I got in touch with my inner reporter yesterday and had one of my most exciting election days yet.
I'm in a poltical science/broadcast journalism class about journalism and elections. Since I am neither a fullblown polisci or broadcast student, I am a little out of my element, but it is interesting to see things from a different perspective. Our whole semester has been leading up to yesterday, our election coverage for KBYU.

I spent the day with two lovely broadcasters, following around Sam Granato and Peter Corroon, the Democratic candidates for Senate and govenor. Met at Corroon HQ, went to Granato's store for lunch with the fam, followed Corroon on a visit through the AFL-CIO. I tagged along through it all.

Then it was off to Democratic HQ at the Marriott to get ready for the results. True, Democrats in Utah aren't super exciting, but it was cool to see. We walked in to the ballroom as they're setting up; the 4 big news stations had great set-ups on the side of the room. KBYU was sitting on the floor, Internet-less. Well, we pulled some strings, made some friends, and scored ourselves some wireless and a table. We were in business. Soon they started setting up the bar right next to us, and I knew we were in for an entertaining night. I didn't have a ton to do, so I watched and soaked it in. These broadcast students sure are on top of things. They did a great job. And the emotion of the room was intense as the night wore on. Concession speeches, reactions, poll results--we were there for it all.

What a memorable/long day/night!

Setting up--news stations with their fancy set ups, and the lovely bar

Command Central--our set-up for the night

Granato's concession speech. Dems love him.

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Kayleigh said...

Gurllllll! I miss you like crazy. It's time for us to get together. And I need to join PRSA next semester! What have I been missing?! Um, obviously an award-winning team!