Monday, November 29, 2010

turkey time.

thanksgiving 1.0: fakesgiving.
       a pre-Thanksgiving Sunday get-together with a unique assortment of friends and lots and lots of food. I broke out the homemade stuffing, and the pies were top-notch. Delicious, but I felt rather obese afterward.

thanksgiving 2.0: real Thanksgiving at Grandma's
       My flight home got delayed 4 hours, so I enjoyed food vouchers and an empty SLC airport, plus got home at 3 in the morning. My dad is a champ for picking me up from the airport and going to work 4 hours later. Spent a few days in snowy Sammamish, then headed to the grandparents for a family thanksgiving, complete with post-meal naps and Black Friday scheming.

thanksgiving 3.0: Colorado Thanksgiving
     Early Friday morning I headed to Colorado for a little time with the Kaiser fam and this boy. New state, new adventures, including a thrilling Nuggets game, which brought us the only picture I took the entire trip. Saturday was another Thanksgiving, where I ate turkey and kind of liked it. plus more pie. Thank you Kaisers, for being excellent hosts. 
We had a thrilling drive back, and I even succeeded in driving through a snowstorm. Take that, winter!
Basically, I just love Thanksgiving so much I had to celebrate it three times. and I loved every minute of it. I sure am a lucky girl!

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