Thursday, July 16, 2009

30 pictures

Please indulge me for a trip down memory lane and a distraction I found on facebook called 30 pictures.
#1. A picture of you in your room

This is when I took over Kylie's half of the room. I thought I was funny. I don't think she ever figured it out. Maybe it wasn't that funny.

#2 A picture with someone you don't like
I guess I don't take pictures with people I don't like. But remember when we met Sanjaya from American Idol? He was weird. I guess I didn't like him.

#3. A picture of you very drunk
Well, this is as close as it gets. A ward social bonfire freshman year with ROOT beer in glass bottles.

#4. A picture of you in daylight
I just wanted to put a picture of these lovely girls-- my spring roommates. And look-- daylight!

#5. A picture of you on your birthday/ favorite holiday

Oh the sweet sixteen party at a preschool!

#6. The youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form
Opening day of boating-- spring of high school freshman year, braces and everything.

#7. A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits.
The first time I wore this dress, winter invitational 07. It's my favorite dress. Also, I miss this boy a bit.

#8. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera

So many choices, but the heroes of the Book of Mormon photoshoot takes the cake. This is how we spend our Saturday afternoons in apartment 2.

#9. A picture of you eating
pre-eating, really. La Garage Cafe, Chimaltenango, Guatemala. So classy.

#10. A picture of you truly being yourself
Train time! Organizing in its wedding-est form.

#11. The most recent picture of you
4th of July parade with Dad and nephew

#12. A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous
Rap video freshman year. And basically all of freshman year by association.

#13. A picture of you showing off a new haircut/color
Remember when I had bangs for like a week?

#14. A picture of a time in your life that's over, but you wish it wasn't
pato, pato, gonso in Guatemala. But all of Guate, really.

#15. A picture of a time in your life that's over, and you're glad it is
Can't belive I found this. AP US History, junior year. Loved the class, glad it's over.

#16. A picture of when you were anything but happy.
It's a stretch, but the media fast brought mixed emotions. Can't you see?

#17. A picture of a time when you were nothing but happy.
Christmas, roommates, snowflakes, and pajamas. What could be better?

#18. A picture of when you were a different person than you are now.
High school leadership, senior year. Wow, things have changed.

#19. A picture with someone you love.
The fam, obviously.

#20. A picture of how you'd like the world to see you.
The West Wing-esque. A successful PR professional

#21. A picture of a time when everything was changing.

Last summer, in the midst of a wave of mission farewells. These boys are all gone now, but will be back in a year!

#22. A picture that makes your heart hurtOrphans in Guatemala. Love them so much.

#23. A picture that makes your heart smile
Besides my face, this picture makes me really happy. Adam's face, BYU basketball vs. Utah, and how if perfectly sums up our friendship. I miss this boy, too.

#24. A picture that describes how you'd like to spend each day.
Exploring Antigua, being artsy, eating crepes, and drawing stares with these people. Sounds great to me.

#25. A picture of one of the best days/nights of your life.
No question. Last night in the dorms.

# 26. A picture you didn't know was being taken.

This is a gem for so many reasons. First, its totally candid. Second, just look at my face and remember FUHE and the giant ward activity that included this wedding dress contest. We won.

#27. A picture of you with make up
Cop-out I know, but chalk will have to due. Also, a shout out to the festival of colors.

#28. A picture of you in formal wear.
Oh boy, prom 07.

#29. A picture you couldn't leave out
Tree tour. It's just classic

#30. A picture of just you.
Sunday springtime walks/photoshoots on campus with Cynthia


Cynthia said...

oh michelle! I love you lots! these pictures are FUN!
love the wedding dress pic. :)

kylie said...

oh, michelle. i really really really like you. a lot. a lot. more than cynthia, probably.