Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy birthday, america

It was a wonderful weekend at my grandparent's river house in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. It's probably one of my favorite places ever. We had every single cousin, aunt, grandchild, etc. there. 30 people crammed in to one small house. Kind of crazy, but so fun.

Besides the Fourth of July parade, swimming in the river, and the family baseball game, here are some highlights from the weekend....

I sure am glad my grandparents have rich neighbors whose crazy huge fireworks displays we can watch along the river from the dock. I'm also glad none of the cousins lost an eye in the fireworks madness.
sparklers. my favorite.
The younger-than-I cousins passed the annual 4th of July family parade on to the younger generation this year. Here are cousins for the children's hospital. Please note the "sick" look and bandaids on the little one.
My mom was the grand marshall of the family parade
We had a photoshoot of all 30 of us together. My mom bought my sisters and I matching sweaters for our smaller family picture. As you can see, the cuteness runs in the family.

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kylie said...

looks like so much fun! yay america! also, i quite like the matching cardigans. :)