Thursday, July 30, 2009

atleast we made history

It's hot here.
Way hot.

Yesterday was the hottest day in Seattle ever. Which makes me feel somewhat better about the whole thing because at least I know it's not all in my head. After surviving being trenched in sweat in northern Guatemala, I vowed never to complain about the heat again. Well, that didn't last. I'm being forced to turn on the air conditioning in my car, but houses here just don't have AC, so we're surviving based on fans.

You know it's super hot when...

You take pictures to prove how hot it is. 103, baby! and a little humid. And I think it got hotter at my house. The worst part-- 86 degrees inside, and that doesn't go down any too fast.
You gather the essential-- HP and Otter Pops, and huddle near a fan for hours to cool down
Your mom and you abandon your beds in the hot upstairs to camp out on air mattresses in the cool downstairs family room with open windows and fans. You can't take the kids at work out into the heat, so you're forced to come up with other activities, such as today's "mural art" on the walls.

It's been quite the adventure, and I'm definitley looking forward to normal temperatures tomorrow (we're 25 degrees above average for this time of year!)
Oh Seattle summers, you keep me young.

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