Wednesday, August 12, 2009

weasley is our king

For the past few weeks, my world has been Harry Potter. This morning I got up early and postponed a gym trip just to finish the last one. I've read each book 27 times before, but there is just something about reading them all in order. I've spent the whole day thinking about Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They are as good now as they were when I was 11. I literally grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Confession: In elementary school, before the movies, I dreamed of playing Hermione. It was a major blow when I heard they wanted an all-British cast.

I honestly could talk about good ol' HP all day. They are my favorite books, no matter how often I try to convince myself to choose something more "literary". I just love them. So much. I get so invested in the characters, in their magical world and adventures. Not everything is great, (Cho Chang? Aragog? Really, J.K.?), but I love them all the same.
The Marauder's Map? Romance that takes 7 years to bloom? Splattergoit? QUIDDITCH? Sign me up!

Contrary to populay belief, BYU was my second choice school. Hogwarts was always my first.

And who wouldn't want to be friends with them? I feel like a loyal comrade, putting up with Harry's 15-year-old angst, Hermione's house-elf fetish, and Ron's whole Lavender Brown escapades.

Per tradition, I once again took the intense 122-question personality test to see what House I was in. For the past 2 years, I have unfortunately been a Slytherin. Shocking, I know. This year, I'm a Ravenclaw. Well, its better than HufflepuffOh, and a shout-out to Dumbledore's Army.
Except for Cho, no one ever liked her.

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kylie said...

you are a girl after my own heart.