Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a lake day.

In January, my uncle turned 50. In August, there was a party. It was quite the celebration at my aunt and uncle's lake house this weekend.

My mom and I got there early to help set up, and were in charge of arranging the beer. How very fitting. We took a break to shop with the cousins, then the real party started.

I didn't take any pictures of the guest of honor or the tons of other people that were there, but it seems all my pictures are of Isaac, so here are his adventures at the party.

Isaac and Nana found ducks off the dock. Isaac threw a golf ball at them.
There was a band...
...which led to this fine moment of dancing and Isaac's first rejection when the girl ditched him to swoon over the lead singer.
Isaac enjoyed "flying" with his favorite aunt.
While his parents and Olivia took a paddle-boat ride.
Isaac also loved playing with the neighbor dog Pepper and trying to ride her. Pepper didn't really love it.

Oh, and Dudley Dursley was there.

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