Tuesday, January 26, 2010

some thoughts

I met the dearest congresswoman today. she invited us to a vote and a private tour of the capitol. of course i'm going.
I spilled food on every article clothing I was wearing at dinner group today.
state of the union
it rained yesterday. 60 degrees. cold today. colder tomorrow.
last email received = "dear michelle, thanks for submitting your efy counselor application" wish me luck.
the congresswoman said she has never had a life plan. i was shocked, then somewhat comforted about my ever-changing life plan
can i change my minor from across the country?
today is tuesday.
the GW gym is super intimidating. I've got to work up the strength to go tonight.
I need a blog makeover. suggestions?
chocolate pudding cake is delicious. I'm glad I converted the entire Barlow Center to my dessert ways.
I need to work on my portfolio. Note to self-- have portfolio in the mail by feb. 5
Feb. 5 is also the day we leave for Philadelphia
and the day before my birthday
when I won't be the young one anymore.

that's all. back to work

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