Sunday, January 3, 2010

watergate lives

alternative titles: what up, barack or adventures in georgetown.

yesterday was my first official day in washington, d.c. I got in friday night, reveled in the sights on the cab ride, then unpacked and weird reverse jet lag set in so i fell asleep. riveting.

saturday included a trip to watergate. yes, that watergate. It wasn't filled with scandal, but was actually incredibly ghetto. and I wasn't drumming up political secrets, but rather shopping in the basement. a guy at CVS did almost catch on fire, as smoke started billowing from his coat, but that was as exciting as it got. take that, history book.
Next was a walk to this place...which is straight down Pennsylvania Avenue from the barlow center. no barack, no swing set, lots of secret service and foreigners.
I was craving an art museum, so I went to the National Gallery of Art, which I appreciate much more now than I did when my mom dragged me there when I was 11. Thank you, Music 202.The east building had art I liked better, including a huge Calder display. also, jackson pollock, a room dedicated to matisse and way too much ellsworth kelly. it was great.

also, it is freezing here. I literally got pushed backward by a gust of wind multiple times, and on an adventure to get food in georgetown, my lips actually started going numb, making it difficult to talk. crazy.


kylie said...

michelle! i'm so excited for you. it's been a balmy 35 degrees here, so i bet you wish you were back in this warmth...just kidding. i know there's no where else you'd rather be. :) say hi to the obamas for me.

Kayleigh said...

oh so jealous! those sites are incredible. i want to hear what you do at your job. :)