Thursday, January 14, 2010

MLIA: my life is awesome

seriously, I have the best life. a sampling....

We took an intern trek around Capitol Hill yesterday on the way to an interview. I loved the architecture and found about 37 houses I would move into tomorrow. Once cute house with an orange door had boxes and boxes of free books outside for the taking, with paper sacks hanging on the fence to carry them. so quaint.
My internship sent me to deliver books to congresspeople on the Hill today, but I finished early and went next door to the National Botanical Gardens. It is the most magical place, and my new favorite place in DC. Here's a view of the Capitol from the jungle room.

A trip for cupcakes turned into an exploration of the Georgetown campus, when we learned that its really hard to fake going to that school.
Here's the charms classroom we happened upon... bonus points if you can name the spell I'm doing.

Oh...but the best thing happened as I left the National Gardens and walked down the Mall at sunset. There were cops everywhere, so naturally I stopped and checked it out. A police officer on a bike told me it was a motorcade and someone "that I would want to see". Hello, Barack! Sure enough, the motorcade drove past and I saw the silhouette of the president himself.

Best day ever.


Janice said...

Very cool Michelle! I hope your internship is panning out well. :)

Kayleigh said...

Oh so fun!! Did you take any books for yourself?

Love, m. said...

Harry Potter Spell: Homminous Alatosis!
p.s. I totally mentioned you in my blog, should feel pretty dang special right....NOW!

love, m.