Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nyc, round 2

Remember when I went to New York like 7 years ago? yeah, here it is...
President's Day weekend in New York was absolutely amazing.

Please indulge me with this long, (stolen) picture-heavy post, as I present the ABCs of NYC

A-- American Eagle. They have one of the biggest screens on Times Square, and we got our picture up there...twice. basically famous. BYU Interns, Barlow Babies, Rawr Rawr Rawr, Provo, UT. We're a big deal.B-- Brooklyn Bridge. Newsies style. At night in the freezing cold, but seeing the lights of city was amazing.C--Central Park. lovely.D--Diner. A cute local place with real New Yorkers, accents, good food, and locals. Welcome to the Sunday Breakfast Club.

E--Enchanted Pizza. Patsy's, where they ate in Enchanted. such good pizza. hello, James Marsden.

F--Frick. The Frick Collection was amazing art in a fabulous house. I loved learning how Mr. Frick lived his life and hearing the stories about every piece of art he had and how it all had a spot with purpose.

G--Ground Zero. still powerful, years later.

H--hot chocolate. Who knew Dunkin Donuts was so good?

I-- ice skating man. The most amazing ice dancer man at Rockafeller Center, with a scarf, some dance skill, and a beat all his own. Who needs to skate in a circle when you can ice-waltz with yourself?
J--jumping picture. Washington Square, where Will Smith lived in I Am Legend.

K--Knights Templar. They hid their treasure at Trinity Church (Heere at the Wall...Wall Street and Broadway). We couldn't find the crypts or treasure stairs, but I know its there somewhere.L--Lego creatures. FAO Schwartz (home of the Big piano) and Toys R Us. Amazing.
M--Mary Poppins. We had box seats because we're that swanky. The music, sets, and production were amazing, but the plot was meh. Bert tapdanced and sung on the ceiling. Mary Poppins flew across the audience.N--nationality, my own. Little Italy, Grandpa Ernie would be so proud. great food and so quaint.

O--Oh, Lady Liberty. I'm not gonna lie, the Statue of Liberty is kind of disappointing in real life. She's short. And the Staten Island ferry was as freezing cold as it was free.
P--piano man. To the man playing incredible piano in Washington Square as the locals listened and meandered, thank you. You made my life feel like a movie.Q--quilted potholders. My favorite book for sale on a corner table was boldly called "Potholders!"

R--roses from the Barlow boys. Thanks for the Valentines Day present

S--shared bathroom. Our hotel was cheap, but had zero ammentiies. 17 of us shared 1 bathroom. bonding.

T--temple. We got the chance to do baptisms at the Manhattan LDS Temple, which was absolutely amazing. It's crazy that somewhere so peaceful and important can be right in the middle of a bustling city block.U--underground rats (as in the subway, but S was already taken). I saw them, they are huge.

V--very cold. It was freezing the entire time. Except when it wasn't, which was rare.

W--Wall Street. Cooler than I thought, partially because of the excitement of the boys I was with and because we found where George Washington gave his first inaugural address.
X--X-treme getting to the bus. Don't worry, we made it.

Y-- You've Got Mail. One of the many wonderful New York movies

Z--zoo, the confusion that is the NYC subway (used in a sentence: wow, the subway is a zoo)


kylie said...

OH MICHELLE! i'm so glad you had an awesome nyc trip! it look so fun (and cold). :)

Lauren Brooke Lytle said...

I miss you!! NYC looks soo fun.I can't wait until I'm there.