Thursday, February 4, 2010

this weekend

(this will be us. minus the snow)
leave 8am tomorrow
drive to Valley Forge
meet Ben Franklin. Ask him my prepared question
Eat ice cream with Ben Franklin.
spend night in Valley Forge.
have a birthday.
drive to Philadelphia.
reinact National Treasure
eat a cheesestake sandwich
fix crack in liberty bell
drive back to dc.

weather: blizzard. snow-pocolypse. 12-24 inches up and down the east coast. the grocery store shelves are clean from people stocking up to be snowed in all weekend.
but for some reason, a bus full of BYU interns will be trekking through the snow to re-live history and celebrate this girl's 21st birthday.

wish us luck.


Kayleigh said...

oh girl! you're having the time of your life!!! valley wish i was there! guess i'll have to read my book about valley forge instead. :)

kylie said...

you will love it.