Monday, February 22, 2010

My view from the gallery unto the House floor tonight was something spectacular.
330+ Representatives. Mostly white. Mostly male.
I loved seeing them interact, seeing who was sitting by whom, who was wearing what. (Jared Polis, I loved your Vans and suit combo), and trying to match names to the faces I've seen on TV.
They didn't pass any groundbreaking legislation (re-naming two post offices), but I'm glad dear Congresswoman Foxx was there to explain the secrets of the House to us. Nancy Pelosi can sure bang that gavel loud.

But the best part was the tour afterwards. Through Statuary Hall and the Rotunda, but this time no one was there. We owned the Capitol. And on to the Rules Committee Chamber and the Congressional Women Reading Room, accessible only with Representative escort. Back through the tunnels, the Capitol Subway, the Members Only elevator, and outside to a rainy, DC night.

It was amazing.

That you, dear Dr. Foxx, for taking us AIM interns on a great excursion. I can see why you have Potomac Fever.

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britt said...

um. seriously cool story.