Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barlow Prom 2010

theme: O Canada
dress code: super fly
location: Barlow, obvs. In the same room we have class, institute, and important meetings. But we transformed it from the Great Room to the Great Disco Hall.

We had:
A prom queen--Jen the Canadian, who never had a prom. hence the themeawkward stair pictureschaparones...our professor and his wife stopped by his office and we surprised to find how we spend our Friday nights at the BC/DCslow dances to the classic prom songsand an all-around rockin time!

I think its pretty safe to say this is the first time the Barlow Center has hosted a prom, but it was definitely the best party this place has ever seen.

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kylie said...

that prom looked pretty legit. :) also, i just sent you an email asking for pics, so since you've posted them, you can just disregard that part of the message.