Monday, April 12, 2010

just some notes...

To the man in the red Volvo,
You probably didn't think anyone could hear you blasting "Hey Soul Sister" as you drove through you quiet Van Ness neighborhood, but I could. From over a block away. But I loved it, so thanks.

Dear Nuclear Safety Summit,
Thank you for causing so many motorcades. I saw 3 on my walk to Dupont this morning, 2 this evening, and heard a bunch more. I would probably hate you if I drove, but you're just making this metro-rider's last DC week very exciting. And I've never seen so many police in one city.

Dear time,
I would really appreciate it if you just stopped moving for a while. I would be happy to stay here forever, or at least for long than just 5 days.

Hey Robert Downey Jr,
I never thought you were attractive. Then I watched Sherlock Holmes. What happened to you?

Dear Sammamish,
I'm excited to spend a few months with you this summer. We'll have a grand time

We seriously need to catch up. But for now, this blog might have to suffice. Sorry.

Dear Georgetown waterfront,
I don't think there's much better than an early morning run along your shores as the crew team rows past, hobos wake from their benches and "Here comes the sun" plays through the headphones.

I love you so much, I'm considering starting a franchise so I can have a "skinny wreck on wheat bread with everything but hot peppers" whenever I want. I'll miss you, but we'll always have lunch breaks on the UDC benches.

I barely started, and I'm already so over you. Somethings gotta give.

To the Reflecting Pool grass,
Remember when you were covered in snow? Well, I'm glad I can see you now, and I'm so glad we had those few hours of picnicking and cloud watching yesterday. It was lovely.

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