Tuesday, April 27, 2010

provo (does not equal) dc

disclaimer: this is a total downer. i just need to get it out of my system and then i'll be fine. i'm glad i'm here. really. i just have a lot of feelings.

not once have I heard a motorcade, or even sirens.
the cars here don't stop when you walk out into the road
everywhere seems so empty. where are the people, people?
the boys seem so young in their plaid shorts and polos. maybe they should wear fancy suits all the time.
I feel old. quite old. But up until 2 weeks ago, I felt quite young.
there are mountains and parking lots, instead of monuments and history
Coming up on the columns of the Maeser Building is not as cool as coming up on the columns of the Lincoln Memorial.
You can't just open the door of your apartment and yell out into oblivion and have someone answer you, like in the Barlow. (trust me, I tried. total failure)
Where are the minorities?

but there are some familiar things, like Barlow friends, hard beds, and garbage trucks outside my window at 7:15 am. and seeing old friends sure does feel good.

adjusting. takes time.
tomorrow will be better.


JenLee said...

Yay Michelle! Welcome back! We must get together soon!

nat said...

Michelle that is exactly how I feel! At least we all still have each other!

kylie said...

i'm sorry that provo is sinking your boat. :(
it happened to me, too, but you were in dc longer than i was in london, so i feel super sorry for you.
also, i love you and even though you're not glad you're here, i am. let's play a lot, k? love your guts.