Sunday, April 25, 2010

let's go to Canada, let's leave today

My mom and I took Five Iron Frenzy's advice and took a trip to Canada yesterday.
Our goal: the Vancouver LDS temple open house.

It was windy and wet, but the temple is incredibly beautiful, and there is such a special spirit that comes from it. The members were all so excited to finally be getting a temple in British Columbia.
Yay for Canada, even though I didn't get a stamp in my passport and it took over an hour to cross the border. I'm not a terrorist.


Love, m. said...

I hope you told Jen about this...she is our favorite Canadian. How exciting to visit a "foreign" temple.

JenLee said...

Oh, God bless Canada...and America, too! I'm so glad/jealous that you went! And I'm so happy I saw you tonight.

P.S. sorry to randomly start commenting on your blog. I have nothing else to do but read other people's blogs while I'm stuck here in limbo.