Tuesday, June 29, 2010

epitome of epic.

my thoughts on the matter:
1. has there ever been more acurately placed epic music in a movie trailer?
2. there goes my childhood
3. "I have something worth living for"=kind of lame, but whatever Harry, we all know it's all about love
4. Ron
5. so soo excited
6. I have the urge to re-read all Harrys Potter right now
7. I'm thinking I'll be Bathilda Bagshot for the midnight showing. or Pansy Parkinson
8. this will be...wait for it...legendary.


socalrpm said...

yeah, i got a little excited at that trailer too... couldn't help it... it's kind of a big deal.

Sophie said...

I heart, heart, heart this trailer. And Harry. And Ron. You're totally right about Ron. Second only to Congressman Shock, right? Love and miss you!