Tuesday, June 15, 2010

miracle of miracles

It was a miracle I was able to function the entire day on 4 hours of sleep.
I've caught a bad habit this spring--snoozing my alarm. But miracle of miracles, today I popped right out bed at 5:54am and made it to campus as the Brimhall doors opened at 7.
my wallet was right where I left it at work. Thank goodness.

Finals might be the death of me. Today was a "reading" day. I didn't get much reading done. More like editing, running around campus, presenting, crazy kind of day.

Also, today my fellow flava felon and spring wingwoman left me for the greener pastures of LA and Anderson Cooper. My room and my heart are barren. (yes, sometimes we are reciprocals of each other and I get crazy eyes and look obese, but whatever)

I go home in 2 days. Crazy. I'm excited to go home and was counting down the days except for the last week or so, when I started getting sad to leave. maybe it's the fact that 's finally beautiful and sunny here. or that I love my job. Or that the end of school is finally in sight. who knows. Oh well, viva Sammamish!

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